Kalari Marma Uzhichil

The Kalari Marma Uzhichil

Comes from an ancient tradition from Kerala. Representatives of that tradition have acknowledged in Maharishi Mahesh Yogi the sage with whom they wished to share their knowledge, which is endowed with many applications to health.

According to Vaidyas in this tradition, the Kalari Marma Uzhichil is meant for increasing resistance against aggressions, physical or mental. It increases the strength of the immune system and helps in mastering one's body and controlling one's fears.

The Marma points, numbered 108, are vital points located in muscles, nerves, arteries, veins, bones, joints, tendons,…
On the advent of traumas, these points can be damaged and disturb the energy flow in the body (Prana).
The Kalari Marma Uzhichil aims at re-establishing the flow of "Prana" which controls all the physiology, bringing balance and happiness!