Sophie Beall

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Our doctor has more than 20 years' experience in both allopathic medicine and Ayurveda. She is registered with Santesuisse, the EMR and the NVS. She speaks French, English and German. (read more...)

In 1976, Dr Sophie Beall begins her studies of Medicine in France. Her interest has always been in the integration of modern medicine with natural health care.

She specializes in Paediatrics, Family medicine and Public health and graduates in 1989 as a Medical Doctor.
She does her internship and residency for 5 years at the University Hospital of Toulouse, France.
Her thesis in Paediatrics receives the highest appreciation.
She earns a Master in Computer Science, Statistics and Epidemiology applied to Medicine.

Her training in Ayurveda starts in 1981 and is completed after many training courses in India and Europe with renowned Ayurveda experts, including the Asthavaidyas Moos and Nambi from Kerala.

She writes her thesis in Public Health on the reduction of health-care expenses through Ayurveda.

From 1995 to 2000, she gains extensive experience in the treatment of chronic diseases with Ayurveda at the Maharishi Vedic Health Centre, Holland as a full-time medical doctor.

She teaches Ayurveda to physicians and health professionals from all over Europe.

In 2000, she moves with her family to Switzerland and becomes in 2003 Medical Director of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in Seelisberg

April 2015: during the International Ayurveda Congress in Roermond, Netherlands, Dr. Sophie Beall received Felicitations for achievements in the field of Ayurveda, in front of the main Assembly and in the presence of representatives of the Ministry of Health of India.

Our Therapists  are experienced and very caring. They all are practitioners of ayurvedic routines recommended by Ayurveda in general and Maharishi Ayurveda in particular, such as meditation (TM), Yoga, etc.

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