The Maharishi Ayurveda Treatments

The Maharishi Ayurveda Treatments

Treatments are recommended by the physician according to your imbalances. When doing Panchakarma, you may have to start with a pre-treatment whose purpose is to optimize the elimination of toxins. Medicated oils and treatment pastes are prepared with Ayurvedic herbs and are chosen especially for you. They can be strengthened with essential oils. According to the Ayurvedic tradition, ladies are treated by ladies, men by men. Oils, milk, cerals, Ghee and honey used in our treatments are organic.

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Anstrich  Synchronized massages on the whole body by 2 Therapists

Abhyanga – Massage with medicated oil. It gives deep relaxation, stimulates the circulation; nourishes skin, muscles and joints. Ayurveda recommends it to stimulate the immune system.

Garshan – Massage with silk gloves, helps in losing weight and stimulates the circulation.

Kaadidhara - gentle massage under a stream of purifying liquid. It dries and dislocates toxins.

Kalari Marma Uzhichili - Dynamic long massage. It frees the flow of "Prana",  the vital energy. 

Kseeradhara  (according to availibility) - Gentle massage under a continuous stream of warm medicated milk. Helps reducing quickly pain and Vata. Very good for Fibromyalgia.

Patrapottali or Podikizhi - Massage with ayurvedic plants or spices using a special technique with small bags. They help reducing pains and removing blockages.

Pindasveda (according to availibility) – massage of the whole body with a freshly prepared mixture with milk and ayurvedic plants. It provides deep nourishment to the bones and requires many hours of preparation.

Pizzichili - The "Royal Treatment": Abhyanga followed by a massage under a continuous stream of warm oil. Deeply nourishing and purifying. It is the best treatment for strengthening the nervous system and the muscles.

Udvartana – massage with a mixture of cereals and medicinal plants, for a deep lymphatic drainage. It helps in losing weight and stimulates the blood circulation. Also used for deep cleaning of the skin. It can be personalized, with a treatment paste adapted to your constitution.

Vishesh – Deep muscle massage, recommended for athletes.

Anstrich  Massages and/or local treatments on one part of the body (1 Therapist)

Anstrich  On the head and face

Face Treatment for Acne

Karna Puran - Pouring warm medicated oil into the ears to balance mental Vata (unsettled mind, superficial sleep, Tinitus...)

Nasya – Head, neck and shoulder massage with cleansing of the upper body's "Shrotas" (the channels of communication in our body). It is recommended for sinus problems, headaches and to strengthen memory and concentration abilities.

Netratarpana – Gentle treatment for the eyes. It cleanses and lubricates the eyes and relaxes its muscles.

Cleansing of eyes with triphala, in case of conjonctivitis.

Shirobasti – medicated head bath, for addressing sleep problems, headaches and migraine...

Shirodhara – Continuous stream of medicated oil on the forehead. Very relaxing for the nervous system and balancing for the hormonal system. When performed in the traditional way - using a copper bowl - it gives a unique experience of peace.

Shiropichu – Application of medicated oil on the head with or without a stream of oil.

Takradhara – Stream of a cool herbalized liquid on the forehead. Intensive treatment for imbalances of VataPitta (too much mental activity, sleep problems…).

Anstrich  On the heart or Solar Plexus

Hrid/Surya Basti – Medicated oil bath for pacifying emotions and strengthening the heart. It can be dome with a special medicated oil "Veda" to help opening its blood vessels.

Hrid/Surya Pichu – Application of medicated oil on the heart area with or without a stream of oil. Recommended with a special "Veda" oil for coronary arteries.

Anstrich  On the belly

Mutra or Nabhi Basti – Medicated oil bath on the lower abdomen or around the navel. To balance energy in those area and for disorders of the uterus, digestive  and  urinary system.

Anstrich  On the joints or the back

Kati Basti – Medicated oil bath to stalilize the spine. Very useful in case of back pain. Helps in "re-centering" Vata.

Patrapottali or Podikizhi – Massage with ayurvedic plants and spices, using a special technique with small bags. For acute or chronic joints and back pain. It also helps removing blockages. It can be done with 1 or 2 Therapists.

Pindasveda local – Abhyanga followed by a nourishing massage with milk and medicinal plants recommended for the joints, the back and the neck. Requires many hours of preparation. 

Kseeradhara local - gentle massage under a continuous stream of warm herbalised milk. Can be helpful for disc Hernia.

Anstrich  On the feet

Pada-Abhyanga – massage of the feet. It helps rooting oneself and stimulates the blood circulation and the reflex points of the feet.

Padadhara – it pacifies the nervous system and stimulates the blood circulation in the legs. Can helps in case of neuropathy (numbness, paresthesia).

Anstrich   Other Treatments:

Oil application – on the whole body by 1 Therapist.

Svedana – Herbal steam bath. Fluidify the toxins and helps their elimination. It is excellent for stiffness of joints and for muscle tension. It opens the bronchial tubes and cleans the lungs.


Anstrich  Enemas-Colontherapy (for Panchakarma only)

Basti – Enemas, either gentle using medicated oils (Matra Basti), or purifying using herbal decoctions (Shodana Basti); they are necessary for efficient elimination of toxins.