Classically, Panchakarma is 12 days long minimum (*). According to ancient text books on Ayurveda, it is the necessary time to do all treatments, especially the 7 Basti (enemas) meant to cleanse successively the 7 types of tissues and organs.

(*) It is nevertheless possible to do a shorter Panchakarma, starting at 8 days of treatment

A first meeting with the Ayurvedic Doctor, ideally 2 to 4 weeks before Panchakarma, will allow planning and preparing it. It can be done, if necessary, by telephone or video conference.

Your treatment plan will take into account your health condition, your budget and the length of time you can allow. You will be billed for consultations and treatments actually received.

Below, price is given for accomodation in a Single room with bathroom at CHF 150.- per day in full pension.

In order to maximize benefits, it is strongly advised to arrive one day before starting the treatments and to leave one day after the last day of treatment.

12 days Panchakarma     starting at CHF 4'630.-*  
Complete programme with 11 consultations, 8 Abhyanga,
4 Svedana, 4 Shirodhara, 7 enemas (4 Matra + 3 Shodana bastis),
1 Nasya, 1 Netratarpana, Health Education for CHF 6'013.-
(incl. CHF 1'800.- for 12 nights in single room with bathroom, full pension, drinks and bathrobes)
(4'213.- PK + 1'800.- Room and food)
10 days Panchakarma     starting at CHF 3'592.-*
Medium programme with 9 consultations, 6 Abhyanga, 3 Svedana,
3 Shirodhara, 5 enemas (3 Matra + 2 Shodana bastis),
1 Netratarpana, Health Education for CHF 4'600.-
(incl. CHF 1'500.- for 10 nights in single room with bathroom, full pension, drinks and bathrobes)
(3'100.- PK + 1'500.- Room and food)
8 days Panchakarma      starting at CHF 2'694.-*
Short programme with 7 consultations, 5 Abhyanga, 2 Svedana,
3 Shirodhara, 3 enemas (2 Matra + 1 Shodana), Health Education for CHF 3'620.- 
(incl. CHF 1'200.- for 8 nights in single room with bathroom, full pension, drinks and bathrobes)
(2'420.- PK + 1'200.- Room and food)

It is possible to optimize the results of Panchakarma by including - following medical advice - more specific treatments, Veda medicinal oils or essential oils of the Vedaroma or Oshadi brands.


Please feel free to contact us, we are at your disposal!

Please notePrices are indicative and non-contractual. The amount charged corresponds to consultations and treatments actually received. In the event of cancelling a treatment the same day for personal reasons, 50% of the treatment price will be charged. Prices are subject to change without notice.

(*) prices in Swiss francs (CHF); prices in Euro or USD according to daily rates