Sophie Beall


In Switzerland, Ayurveda is partially covered by the complementary branch of many health insurances.

In Ayurveda, Health is described by the Vedic expression "Swastha", which - translated from Sanskrit - means: Swa- the Self or Atma - Stha - established.

Thus Health in Ayurveda means established in the Self.


As you may have read or heard in the press, a contract for the exclusive right to purchase was signed in November 22 between the Swiss real estate company Halter AG and MERU, owner of the building where the Maharishi AyurVeda Health Center is located.

The property is not yet sold!

The health center will remain in operation in Seelisberg for the next 3 to 5 years!
then, if or when the sale is concluded, all options are open: making an agreement with the new operator to stay in Seelisberg, associating with a hotel, building...

Be assured that we will do our very best to ensure that the Health Centre can welcome you in the best possible conditions. It is important to us to let you experience the unique depth of Maharishi Panchakarma now and in the future.


To get an online-consultation (audio or video) with Dr Sophie Beall call: +41 41 825 07 00

Even without Pulse Diagnosis many informations stay available: