Sophie Beall


As usual we will close 2 weeks, from 27th August till 10th September 2023.
The secretariat will be open from 4.9. onward to answer your questions and take reservations.
we are very happy to announce that, according to the Bundesrat recommendations, we can re-open our treatment rooms on the 27th April.

These recommendations from Dr Sophie Beall integrate Ayurveda and classical medecines. They do not replace the recommendations of "barrier" against the virus. In case of risk factors or difficulty breathing contact your doctor or emergency services.

Many ayurvedic specific herbal preparations and essential oils can help. To get an appointment with Dr Sophie Beall, please, call +41 41 825 07 00. It is possible to organize a teleconsultation.


To get an online-consultation (audio or video) with Dr Sophie Beall call: +41 41 825 07 00

Even without Pulse Diagnosis many informations stay available:


Meeting with the Minister of Health of Kerala