Seelisberg is situated in middle of Switzerland just above the lake Luzern. The Health Centre is in the middle of the village, beside the Hotel Sonnenberg (right now MERU), almost 3km after entering the village.

By car

On Highway A2, after Lucerne (Luzern) take direction Gotthard. After 15 to 20 minutes drive, exit Beckenried-Emmetten-Seelisberg. Be careful to not miss the exit, the next one is 40 minutes further! Go to Emmetten and continue up to Seelisberg (6km). The Health Centre is  the building immediately after MERU, on the left side of the street. Parking is in front of Hotel Sonnenberg (MERU).

By train

- 1) destination Stans via Lucerne (Luzern); change in Lucerne. At Stans station, take the postal bus for Seelisberg (last about 40 minutes). In Seelisberg, make sure to get off at the Sonnenberg stop (the village is 6 km long). The Health Centre is the next building just after MERU.

 - 2) destination Brunnen. At least 15 minutes walk from the train station to reach the ferry station, short crossing of the lake on the ferry boat to Treib, then cable car to Seelisberg. Remains 15 minutes walk up to the Health Centre or  postal bus (in general every hour); we could also pick you up.

By boat

From Luzern, beside the train station, take the boat to Treib. It takes about 2 hours but can be very nice in summer. From Treib, cable car to Seelisberg (10 minutes). Remains 15 minutes walk up to the Health Centre or the postal bus (in general every hour); we could also pick you up.

By plane:

Landing at Zürich airport, take the train to Lucerne (the train station is located in the airport, trains leaving for Lucerne every half-hour, duration about 1h 15 min.; one train out of 2, changing train at Zürich main station (Zürich Haupt Bahnhof)  is necessary).

From the Euroairport Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg, take the bus to the train station in Basel, then take the train to Luzern.

From Lucerne to Seelisberg: see above.

By Taxi

the journey from Lucerne to Seelisberg by taxi costs about 120.- Sfr and is about 30 minutes drive.

For complete information on schedule of trains, buses and boats, please refer to Time table on