Panchakarma ("Detox")

"Just as a wet sponge removes water without effort, impurities are detached very easily from the body through the procedure of Panchakarma."
Charaka Samhita, one of the 2 main textbooks of Ayurveda

The Panchakarma (or "Detox) is a unique therapy for loosening and washing toxins out of our body, in a smooth, natural and efficient way. Due to inappropriate diet, poor digestion, hyperactive and irregular life, pollution, stress…accumulation of toxins in our body is almost inevitable.

The accumulation of toxins over time is an important risk factor for health. That is why Ayurveda recommends Panchakarma for the prevention and the treatment of diseases. By removing the toxins, Panchakarma helps in re-establishing balance and stimulating the natural, self-healing mechanisms of the body.

Pancharkarma is:
Essential in prevention, as it reverses the development of imbalances
It is especially effective in treating diseases related to the accumulation of toxins - what Ayurveda calls Ama - including High blood pressure, Hypercholesterolemia, Overweight, Diabetes, Arthritis, Gout, certain types of Headaches, Skin problems, chronic Constipation, Sinusitis, and other ailments.

It contributes to prevent and to treat the cardio-vascular risk factors. It also gives excellent results when needing to change life habits, such as smoking or alcohol consumption.Moreover, many Ayurveda treatments are very relaxing, contributing to the re-establishment of balance between mind and body and to the stimulation of natural self-healing mechanisms.Panchakarma improves health and well-being, bringing joy and vitality at the same time!

In our Health Centre Panchakarma is proposed in a complete, traditional, and authentic way. Your treatment plan is individualized, chosen by our doctor on the basis of pulse diagnosis and according to your state of health.


The Panchakarma, literally "five actions", consists of successive phases of treatment, each one having its definite purpose and following the previous one in a logical way. This allows for great efficiency in a relatively short time. The treatments are working in synergy in order to wash-out toxins deeply rooted in organs and tissues.

The Panchakarma consists of 3 phases:

The pre-treatment or Purva karma including the stimulation of the digestive fire: Pachana ; the oleation: Snehana (Ghee intake, oil massage) and the fomentation: Svedana

The main treatment or Pradhana karma including purgation: Virechana, Massages and treatments: Abhyanga,... and enemas: Basti and nasal administration of substances: Nasya

The post-treatment or Paschat karma including the stimulation of the digestive fire: Peyadi Sansarjana karma ; the pacification of the Doshas by medicine, food or regimen: Shamana ; balancing and strengthening: Rasayana