Sophie Beall


Reimbursement by health insurance

In Switzerland, Ayurveda is partially covered by the complementary branch of many health insurances.

3 Steps to find out if your insurance reimburses:

One: do you have health insurance for complementary medicines? If yes
Two: check with us the therapists who will be involved in your consultation or treaments.
Three: ask the insurance company directly what they reimburse. They will ask you for the names of the therapists.

Find below the list of our therapists, as well as their registeration number.

For consultations:
Dr. med. Sophie Beall, Nr. O293460, EMR 22, federal diploma for Ayurvedic medicine. RCC I0019.04
Monika Odermatt, Nr. J393863, Oda AM Certificate in Ayurvedic Medicine

For treatments:
Antonella Arduino, Nr. P321763, EMR 27
Richard Bago, Nr. U876163, EMR 27
Eva Gabor, Nr. I260164, EMR 27
Leonie Strahm, Nr. Z300664, EMR 57

Accomodation and meals are not covered by the insurance.