Sophie Beall


CORONAVIRUS-Prevention and treatment of viral infections

These recommendations from Dr Sophie Beall integrate Ayurveda and classical medecines. They do not replace the recommendations of "barrier" against the virus. In case of risk factors or difficulty breathing contact your doctor or emergency services.

Many ayurvedic specific herbal preparations and essential oils can help. To get an appointment with Dr Sophie Beall, please, call +41 41 825 07 00. It is possible to organize a teleconsultation.

To avoid to get infected:

  1. Take enough rest. The best sleep for regeneration is between 10pm and 2am. A good sleep improves the immune system
  2. Do not eat more than necessary, especially for the evening meal. It avoids overloading your digestion system and blocking the Srotas, the channels of the body through which immune system functions
  3. Eat and drink warm. In general drink more
  4. Cook with fresh ginger, excellent for the immune system. Add Turmeric in your food (reduces Kapha and stimulates the liver
  5. Eat minimum 1 fruit per day. It brings vitamin C and helps to produce Serotonin, the hormone for happiness (also good for the immune system)
  6. Remain peaceful (anxiety disturbs the immune system)
  7. Take fresh air every day. Ventilates your rooms. Avoid drafts
  8. To clean and strengthen the throat, Ayurveda recommend to gargle once a day with ripe sesame oil (cooked at 100 degrees)
  9. Apply the same oil from head to feet before your shower. It makes like a shield against external aggressions

10. Apply 1 drop of the Nasya oil (MP16) at the entrance of each nostril. This spicy oil protects against germs

11. Beside Yoga and a good Meditation the attention on specific Marma points brings serenity and stimulates the marma points connected to the immune system. We will be happy to show them to you during your next stay!

12. The diffusion of essential oils (Ravintsara, Fir, Eukalyptus, Encens, Cèdre, MA 634...) can help disinfecting an atmosphere


As soon as you feel "something" starts such as tiredness, headache, sore throat, running nose, cough, sudden loss of smell and taste. It is not too late helping prevent complications!

  1. Stop sugar. It is very necessary, not to favour the growth of the germs.  Honey can be sucked with a little grated fresh ginger (if your stomach is not too sensitive)
  2. Drink a lot of warm drinks without sugar. It helps fluidifying the mucus. Water can be cooked with fresh ginger
  3. Take light, warm, cooked and liquid food. Nothing heavy to digest. 
  4. Add in food and drinks fresh ginger, turmeric
  5. Reduce stress and rest!
  6. Keep warm. Stay home!
  7. Take shower only with warm water. Do not bath the head

Isolate yourself in self-quarantine as instructed.

Ventilate your room 2-3 times per day. The diffusion of essential oils (Ravintsara, Fir, Eucalyptus,...) can help disinfecting an atmosphere.

In case of cough: apply Maharishi Ayurveda Balm on chest and upper back. You can also use warm sesame oil with a little salt or warm sesame oil with a few drops of Ravintsara or Niaouli essential oil for example. It exists more specific mixture of essential oils (MA 634).If confortable, do inhalation twice a day with Eucalyptus and/or Thyme. Sleep in half-sitting position. Do not wait to call a doctor in case of difficulty breathing.

In case of fever: fever helps blood cells involved into the fight again infection to come where it is needed. Until 38.5 degrees let it work! Above, it is necessary to bring it down: drink a lot, remove warm clothes or blankets. You can take a bath 2 degrees below your temperature. Drink a lot. Coriander tea can help. If it is not enough, paracetamol can help.

Patience! Once the inflammation starts it takes some time for the body to fight the infection.

Ayurvedic Tea against colds and bronchitis. It can be drunk in case of coronavirus: Boil 1 liter water during 1-2 minutes with a piece of fresh ginger, 1 teaspoon of crushed coriander seeds and 1 teaspoon of turmeric powder or 1 piece of fresh turmeric. Filter. Drink over the day.


Afterwards: Start progressively your normal routine and increase slowly the food. You are healed when you do not produce mucus anymore and your energy is back. It is good to enrich your food with vitamin C (fresh fruits) and iron (red, orange, dark green vegetables and fruits) as they are consumed in large quantity during infections. Take Chyavanprash (ayurvedic mixture of plants and fruits) or more specific ayurvedic preparations.