Beauty and Ayurveda

Ayurveda describes beauty as “Subhanga Karanam”, meaning literally "perfect balance between inner beauty, outer beauty and timeless beauty”.
In Ayurveda, Beauty is closely connected to Health. To obtain a bright skin, to regenerate deeply and recover vitality and youth, it is highly recommended to do Panchakarma.

As a supplement to Panchakarma, we offer several Masks and Beauty treatments with Maharishi Radiant Health products and treatments' line.
The high quality of the Radiant Health products and treatments work by revealing Beauty through improving the very health of the cells. The treatments are very thorough and intensive. Each treatment is adapted to your constitution.

Examples of beauty treatments offered at the Health Centre

The treatment for Losing weight - Nr.1, and the Anti-cellulitis treatment, include:
An oil massage (Abhyanga), followed by a Peeling with cereals and medicinal plants (Udvartana), a herbal steam bath (Svedana) and the application of a skin milk, nourishing and balancing.

The treatment for Losing weight - Nr.2, includes:
A massage with silk gloves (Garshan) followed by an oil massage on the whole body (Abhyanga) and the application of a skin cream.

The Ayurvedic Nourishing Face Mask with anti-wrinkles effects includes:
Cleansing of the skin, steam bath with plants for the face, application of a mask and application of a tonic and a cream.